Cinema Nairn proudly presented ‘Freedom to Run’ in collaboration with the film makers and producers.  It was a fundraiser, with all profits going to Medical Aid for Palestinians -
Stephen and Cairsti, producers of the film, took part in a very interesting and informative Q+A after the film, where nearly all of the over 80 cinema goers stayed behind to take part.
Thank you to everyone who attended our special screening of Freedom to Run, a documentary from Scottish filmmakers Cairsti Russel and Stephen Sheriff.
This was a unique chance to see life in Palestine from a different perspective, showing how Palestinians in the West Bank are unable to travel more than 10 kilometres without being stopped by Israeli restrictions.
Checkpoints, demands for permits and the apartheid wall surrounding the occupied territories are all part of the struggle of daily life.
‘Freedom to Run’ follows Palestinian running group ‘Right to Movement’ and a group from Glasgow as they train for and run, both the Palestine and Edinburgh marathons. Whilst in Palestine, the Scottish runners learn about the impact of the restrictions on everyday life, and that something as universal as running is a far from easy task. The runners discover that they are not so different, but that they live very different lives.
This is not a ‘preachy' film, nor is it forcing other people’s opinions on the cinema goer.  It is simply showing the reality of everyday life for Palestinians in the West Bank, inviting the viewer to compare this with how others are treated.  In our opinion, this is a film that has to be seen and I’d recommend any of the community cinema organisers in the Highlands (and anywhere actually!) to take contact Stephen at to make it happen.
Whether we think we know what life is like in the West Bank, or whether it's just something that is happening on the news, this was an enlightening experience for all of us.

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